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Redsky's Bearded Dragons

Please make sure to check our breeders/sub adults and the available dragons!

Further information

As a baby you should not start your dragon off with a tank larger than a 20 gallon as anything larger will make it difficult for the babies to locate food and potential end with your baby starving to death.  You will need uvb lighting and a heat source.  I personally prefer the long uvb light and put it toward the back across the top of the tank and a use a clamp fixture on one end of the tank for the heat source of which that direct area needs to be 100-105 degrees under the heat lamp the rest of the tank should be about 80 degrees (you'll need a temp gun to make sure your temperatures are correct you can purchase this at menards, lowes etc).  Make sure you have a basking rock under the heat lamp and a water source in the middle of the tank.  If you would like some visual pics of this set up email me or text me and I will share photos of how mine looks.

All of our babies arrive with instructions at the bottom of the invoice please make sure to read and follow those instructions!


I feed crickets of various sizes depending on the age size of the baby (smaller babies start out with pin head crickets), I also feed dubias, supers, horn worms etc depending on age/size of the dragon.  I feed various greens : mustards, collards etc as well as carrots and some other occasional fruits like bananas blue berries etc.

Here's a link to some approved bugs and such for the bearded dragons:

Remember to make sure the size of the bug, worm is appropriate for the dragon.

For more information please contact us directly to provide you with the most correct and accurate data for the care of your dragon.  We guarantee our dragons for the first 30 days after purchase but keep in mind this does not cover parasites that may have been obtained after the purchase of the dragon.  Where parasites are concerned we guarantee our dragons to be free of parasites when leaving our location up to 7 days so long as quarantined from any other dragon during that period of time, any dragon arriving with parasites will either be replaced or refunded.  We will not cover the expense for any other dragon lost due to not having quarantined the dragon you purchased.  You must also show proof that none of your other dragons carry parasites and was not the cause of the baby/dragon you purchased getting parasites.


We suggest when purchasing new dragons you quarantine them for a period of 30 days meaning they should have their own tank away from any other dragon for health concerns...   You should also realize some dragons will not do well in a tank with other dragons these should be kept solo unless doing a breeding.

If you have purchased a baby from us and are not able/willing to keep the baby we will gladly take the baby/dragon back.  We will cover the cost of the return to us but will not provide a refund.

Our end goal is always a happy family we will do everything in our power to ensure this!


Below are some links to some useful information or places I have used to purchase food/supplies: