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Redsky's Bearded Dragons

Please make sure to check our breeders/sub adults and the available dragons!

Available dragons


Deposits and full payments can be made below please scroll all the way done.



Pumpkin baby is available will gain more color as the baby get's older hatch date is 03/15/2018 can place a deposit to reserve but the baby will not ship until the week of at least April 25, 2018  email or text for more images price is 225 shipped of which 50 deposit is required to hold the baby.


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Coming soon

We have eggs in the incubator for Fee-Fee x Chip these will hatch out end of April.  If you'd like to get on the waiting list for the first right of purchase please text or email us.


​Go to the facebook page for better pics of the babies


Current pairings below:

Pandora x Chip-  This pairing is expected to produce some nice hypos of various shades of red, citrus etc. If you'd like more information and pricing please email or test us 219-689-4211 PAIRING HASN'T TAKEN PLACE CHIP STARTED BRUMATION SO WILL PAIR THEM UP IN LATE MARCH.


Pay or put a deposit on your dragon below:

Please make sure you have contacted us and gotten a conformation to proceed prior to sending any funds!! 219-689-4211 or If your dragon is 200 or more the deposit amount is 100 make sure to select option 2.
dragon options

Adults/sub adults

Chip proven male is available price is 265 shipped within the USA.