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Redsky's Bearded Dragons

Please make sure to check our breeders/sub adults and the available dragons!


We are located in Gary Indiana and ship our dragons through out the United States.  Shipping is included in the pricing of our dragons so the price listed is what you pay in total.  We are on facebook and Instagram please look for us on both and add us to see more on us and our beautiful dragons!  We have many morphs & colors including witblits, leatherbacks, hypos, het hypo, polars, citrus, reds, blood reds, orange, super citrus, zero, German Giants, rainbow tigers etc.  We pride ourselves in producing healthy high colored bearded dragons!

We are looking to add a purple paradox and a zero if you have either please email or text me information inclusive of pics of the parents and hatch date!  Thank you or 219-689-4211

We will be doing a drawing giving away one hatchling from each pairing see our Facebook and Instagram pages for details on current or upcoming give aways.

Follow us on Instagram at redskypitsdragons and facebook Redsky dragons or Christie.Redsky

We also breed American Pitbull terriers see our dogs at  they are UKC champions and grand champions!



Please check out our bearded dragons at or on Facebook at Redsky Dragons